Wait, Wait, Wait…. YOU CALLED A TIMEOUT!?

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

A day after watching one of the greatest games in NFL history between the Broncos and Ravens, no one would have thought any Sunday game would be as good, the Falcons and Seahawks did not disappoint. For the second straight game the Seahawks started slow and were trailing at halftime by the score of 20-0. Had a great friend of mine saying the game was over, but everyone knows the game isn’t done until the final whistle blows. That was the case for this game.

Russell Wilson, Akeem Dent

With 31 seconds left in the game, the Seahawks got the first lead of the game with a Marshawn Lynch two yard touchdown run making the game 28-27. This is when the Seahawks luck started to run out. Instead of kicking the ball deep, they squib kick the kickoff and the Falcons started off with great field position. Matt Ryan found Harry Douglas on that drive for 29 yards and they used their final timeout to get their kicker Matt Bryant on the field, this is when the bad turned worst.


Right when they are going to kick the ball, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll calls a timeout to freeze the kicker, BIG MISTAKE! Matt Bryant missed the kick but since the Seahawks called timeout, he had a second oppurtunity. He did not disapoint making the 49 yard field goal giving the Falcons the lead 30-28 with eight seconds to go. The Seahawks could not do anything on offense and are left packing thinking “what if?” The Falcons meanwhile kick the monkey off their back with their first playoff win since 2004 and will not meet the 49ers in Atlanta.



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