Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized


The Miami Heat are the defending NBA champions. They won the title with the same exact team they have assembled right now. A second title should be no problem, right? WRONG! The Heat lost again against the Pacers and it was not because they were the better team, but because they could not handle their size and again got out rebounded. The heat had 29 defensive rebounds compared to 33 defensive rebounds for the Pacers which is not bad, but the Heat only had seven offensive rebounds compared to the Pacers 22! That is a 3-1 ratio which makes it harder for the Heat to win any game when this happens. This is not the first time this happens (the Denver Nuggets had 33 offensive rebounds in one game!). If the Miami Heat are going to repeat, they need to sign/ or trade for a Center. Everyone knows who Chris Bosh is and how hot Dwayne Wade can get, and of course the MVP of the league Lebron James, but even these three superstars have off days and that is when the rebounds really matter. Hope you get to read this Pat Riley.


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